Cabernet Sauvignon
Food pairing recommendations
Good combination with roasted meat, mature cheese and savoury and tasty dishes
Serving temperature
16/18° C

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Cabernet Sauvignon

General information – characteristics
Grape variety
Cabernet Sauvignon
Area of production
Bolognese hills DOC, micro-area Marconian Hills
Average altitude
250m above sea level
Hillside, with a gradient of 18 - 25%
Soil composition
Medium-textured slightly calcareous soil
Vine density
3086 vines per Ha
Yield per Ha
QI 70/75
Yield per vine
Kg. 2,3/2,4
Manual in wintertime; if necessary elimination of superfluous grapes during the summer
Manual harvesting following careful analysis of the maturation indexes; before harvesting superfluous vine leaves are removed to better expose the grapes to the sun.
Wine making
Grapes are destemmed and softly crushed, maceration for 6/10 days in steel tanks at a maximum temperature of 28° C, manual pump-overs and frequent delestages during the initial phases of fermentation. Maceration is aimed at extracting softer tannins and obtaining a full-bodied wine. Special attention is given to the control of the intensity of the spores of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, grown in our vineyards. The care we apply to the maceration process is the secret that enables us to make our unique and finest wines. Maturation in steel tanks and Barriques.
Bottle ageing
At least 4 months
Alcohol content
14,00 %
Organoleptic properties
Typical ruby red colour. At first winy, then with typical grassy, intense and persistent notes. Dry, warm, full-bodied, pleasurably tannic and harmonic.
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